Built for stays.

Our smart devices work on any door & are designed specifically for hospitality. We've helped 1000's of Hotels, Hostels & Airbnbs go contactless & streamline their operation. Now, it's your turn.


Replace your (dumb) lock.

Our SmartLock 'speaks' to your reservation system & issues a SmartKey & back-up DoorCode to every guest for the length of their stay.


Upgrade your (dumb) lock.

Wirelessly connect a SmartDisc to your lock in minutes & add the option of Mobile/DoorCode access.


Access all areas.

SmartAccess manage access for common areas - lifts, gyms, garages etc. Control which areas guests can access based on their reservation.


Power (sustainably).

Throwaway batteries are expensive & bad for the environment. We lower costs & improve performance by using rechargeable lithium.