"The products are designed with the guest in mind, resulting in easy-to-use contactless functionality that receives guest appreciation. The handling is straightforward from the staff side as well. The flexibility and responsiveness from Goki is greatly appreciated, and result in ongoing improvements to their products. You feel their commitment to improving the guest experience in the way they roll out speedy improvements. We also recognise a positive contribution to our environmental footprint with removing plastic cards for door access."
Adrie Vreeke 10/10
"Goki's support has been incredible as we installed the locks during a lockdown period and opened a brand new venue as soon as the restrictions lifted. As a team we were always able to get someone on the phone and even facetime when necessary. Jack, Charly and the team have provided us with a sleek and stylish lock that fits in perfectly with our accommodation pods. We often have customers comment on how easy it is."
Lorna O'Sullivan 10/10
Operational Transformation, Cupitt's Estate
"We love the Goki concept and the passion and product support of the Goki team. The industrial designs of the Goki SmartLock, SmartDisc, and SmartAccess are slick compared to other vendors. We love the social platform element but are still coming to terms with how to most effectively use it to engage with our guests and the Goki team has been great in joining us on this journey to figuring this out for our brand. The General Manager feedback has been positive."
Jan Kroezen 9/10
Technology Director, St Christopher's
"Super easy, contactless and extremely convenient! Working in a motel, this product has completely elevated our check in process. Guests are able to enjoy a contactless check in - either using their mobile Goki App or unique 4 digit code to enter rooms. Not only is it easier for our guests to access their rooms 24/7, but it makes our daily routines so much more convenient! So handy for our cleaners who are in and out of each room countless times a day, no need for a key or card, everything is accessible via bluetooth and wireless connection.."
Josh 10/10
"With Goki it was love at first sight. We started to work with them one year ago and it's helping us in our automation process. Our guests are really enthusiastic about the app because they can chat with each other and get to know the city and the activities we make.."
Federico Scotti 10/10
Manger of Operations, Ostello Bello.
"GOKI gives you the opportunity to manage your guest experience instantly and most importantly from anywhere. It also enables you to communicate in-house activities and/or promote your F&B areas in the hotel. You could boost revenue by offering your in-house guests something special for any department of the hotel. This could be your spa, restaurant, bar or for some of your other services. Furthermore, I absolutely like the design of the lock and the overall idea of goki Payment gateway through the chat is a game changer. The support from GOKI is 5*****"
Pierre Gredel 10/10