Goki Dashboard

Make space smart.

The Goki dashboard eliminates repetitive tasks for staff & gives guests more options for how they want to access their room. This makes your property more operationally efficient & in turn more profitable. Our devices are online & connected to your reservation system - meaning you can manage your property from anywhere.
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Access Autopilot

Your staff are mobile. Their tools should be too.

Generate DoorCodes, Run Lock Audits, Encode Wristbands, Get Real-Time Battery status & Set Timeshift MasterKeys.

Staff Dashboard

Your operations hub for managing access at your property. Issue 'Keys,' Set-up Spaces, Connect Apps, Run Reports & Manage Groups.

Mobile App

Our app enables staff to tap on devices using NFC and open based on their permission status an encode Keycards for guests.
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App Store

Curate your own guest experience.

The future of hospitality is lowering staff overheads and reinvesting in subscriptions that drive far greater operational efficiency. Connect market leading apps for reservations, check-in, messaging, reviews & payments to build the perfect experience for your guests.
Generating access for 2.2 million guests per month

Create Spaces

Map your rooms, common areas & service areas to your PMS to automate access for guests to the length of their stay.

Manage Groups

Automatically generate access for groups from the PMS or by uploading a CSV and then apply rules based on gender or age restriction.

Manage your team

Add team members to your property and limit their experience based on their permission status - owner, admin, team, housekeeper, installer.

Run Reports

Pull lock data to understand battery status, access details, wifi connectivity and the types of access guests are using.
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