Autopilot for space.

We take care of all the heavy lifting associated with check-in & room access. That means you can focus your attention on what really matters - the guest.


A new way to manage your guests.

Guest communication is messy and on too many channels. Guests leave bad reviews because you can't solve their issues fast enough. Goki simplifies guest engagement into one simple dashboard. So you can focus on giving guests an amazing experience.


Automate arrival.

Using a single account, guests can share their arrival data across our expansive hospitality network. From hotels to hostels to airbnbs, guests simply receive a notification when their room is ready and their SmartKey expires at the end of their stay.

Guest App

Go Contactless.

Guests can check-in & get their SmartKey prior to arrival. This streamlines your arrival process & creates a communication channel between you & the guests.

Staff App

Manage your space.

Your staff are mobile. Their tools should be too. Generate DoorCodes, Run Lock Audits, Encode Wristbands, Get Real-Time Battery status, Set Timeshift MasterKeys, handle tasks set by your team AND review guest requests.