We make space smart for Hotels, Hostels & Airbnbs

Our smart devices integrate with your reservation system to automate access - saving guests time & eliminating repetitive tasks for staff.
How it works

Step by step guide to make your space smart

1. Jump on a Demo

Hit 'Contact Sales' to set up a call with our team. We can show you how we can make improve your guest experience and make your business more operationally efficient.

2. Order a Pilot Kit

We can get a device out to you to try at your Hotel. This helps to understand different guest scenarios and potential issues with installation ahead of time.

3. Connect your favourite apps

Goki has the first lock with an App Store! Plug in your PMS, check-in app or guest communication platform to curate your own guest experience.

4. Run a lock audit

Let us know what we are working with, so we can send the right accessories and ensure that you have everything you need to self install after order or hire our team to help.

6. 24/7 Live Support

We're here to help. Always. Our support team are available 24/7, 365 days a year - so you never have to worry about whether you can reach us or not.

Hoteliers want to go contactless, but their legacy locks are too expensive to replace or upgrade. Until now.

Goki easy to install solution offers more than the competition at a lower price point.

Make your dumb locks smart...

Our SmartDisc connects to any electronic lock & adds the option of mobile & DoorCode access.

Replace your dumb locks...

Our SmartLock PRO replaces legacy locks and enables a contactless guest experience for your property.

Access from the future

Put your property on autopilot. Assign access to every guest for the length of their stay automatically.

Streamline arrival

Antiquated, admin-heavy check-in processes frustrate both the guest and the staff. Goki creates a more digitally sophisticated arrival process.
Guests can skip the queue & go straight to their room
Any changes in the booking are automatically updated
Choose from SmartKey, Wallet, DoorCode or Keycard
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

We play nicely with others...

Use our SDK or API to generate access in your Hotel App and use the channel to create ancillary revenue streams. Supercharge your guest experience by plugging in your favourite apps.
Guests use Goki per month
Increase in direct extend stays

We're well connected

We integrate with all the major reservation systems and make sure we only generate access based on the rules set by the property - is it the day of the booking? Is there a balance owing? Is the room clean? Has the ID been verified? Once we receive confirmation from the PMS, we send access via SMS/Email.
Generating access for 2.2 million guests per month
Dashboard mockup

Don’t take our word for it...

Goki has been voted No1 by hoteliers on Hotel Tech Report for the last 2 years running

"The products are designed with the guest in mind, resulting in easy-to-use contactless functionality that receives guest appreciation. The handling is straightforward from the staff side as well.

Adrie Vreeke
Owner, Capsule Hotels

"”Goki gives you the opportunity to manage your guest experience instantly and most importantly from anywhere.”

Pierre Gredel
GM, The Blue Hotel

"With Goki it was love at first sight. We started to work with them one year ago and it's helping us in our automation process.”

Federico Scotti
Head of Operations, Ostello Bello

"Super easy, contactless and extremely convenient! Guests are able to enjoy a contactless check in - either using their mobile Goki App or unique 4 digit code to enter rooms. Not only is it easier for our guests to access their rooms 24/7, but it makes our daily routines so much more convenient - everything is accessible via bluetooth and wireless connection.."

Owner, Bluewater Motel

Did we miss anything?

Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can try our software for free for 30 days. You will need to pay for a device to be sent to your property for the trial period.
Do mobile Keys reduce the 'personal touch'
Mobile keys are not just contactless (necessary with the pandemic), they offer a better guest experience. Skip the impersonal check-in, free up staff to connect with guests, and empower guests to choose their desired level of interaction. It's not just convenience, it's about options and a more meaningful stay.
What's really in it for the property?
Switching to Goki unlocks a range of advantages for your hotel, all aligned with "Better Stays!" Streamlining arrival lowers costs and makes your business more efficient. But Goki goes beyond efficiency. You'll meet guest expectations for a modern experience, foster a better community, and benefit from a dedicated guest channel for direct promotions and loyalty building. Happy guests leave better reviews, and Goki empowers you to turn smiles into increased revenue. It's not just convenience, it's a smarter future for your hotel.
Guests don't want to donwload an app!
Goki understands app downloads aren't for everyone. That's why we offer various access options! Manage your stay and unlock your room through our web app, ditch the app with a secure code, or use trendy tech like Apple Wallet and wearables (depending on the property). Even traditional keycards are available. Plus, app downloads are private – no login or account creation needed, just a quick link to your reservation. Enjoy the flexibility and security of Goki, on your terms!
It's too expensive to replace all my locks!
Hotels hesitant about replacing locks for contactless entry? Relax! Goki's SmartDisc retrofits seamlessly onto existing locks, transforming them into smart ones at a fraction of the cost. Plus, our subscription model for the full smart lock solution minimises upfront investment. Get contactless convenience without breaking the bank.
Who does the install?
Goki empowers hotels to go contactless without heavy lifting! Our hardware boasts easy self-installation guided by clear online tutorials, saving you hefty installer costs. SmartDiscs require identifying your specific lock for a tailored video guide. This might involve sending us a picture or, in rare cases, the lock itself for a custom adapter (returned with the adapter attached). For SmartLocks, simply send a picture of your mortise for compatibility and smooth installation. Our goal is to minimize external dependencies and empower you with self-installation tools.
How do you verify guests before giving them access?
Goki seamlessly integrates with your existing Property Management System (PMS) to ensure secure guest verification before granting access. No matter how guests choose to check in (web, kiosk, or face-to-face), we communicate with your PMS in real-time to verify details like ID, booking confirmation, outstanding balance, and room cleanliness. Only once everything checks out do we grant access via SmartKey or DoorCode, adhering to your specific policies and requirements. It's secure, seamless, and ensures peace of mind for both you and your guests.
Mobile Keys aren't safe!
While concerns about mobile key security exist, Goki takes multiple steps to ensure they're even safer than traditional keycards. Our SmartKey communication boasts top-notch encryption, making it virtually impossible to intercept. Even more, the randomized algorithm used makes hacking significantly harder compared to older lock systems. Additionally, Goki locks constantly "handshake" with the app, continuously refreshing the session key for enhanced security. So, relax, Goki mobile keys prioritize both convenience and robust protection.
What happens if the guest runs out of battery?
No worries about dead batteries! Guests receive a unique DoorCode alongside their mobile key, ensuring access even with a depleted phone. Plus, staff can remotely generate new DoorCodes anytime through our app or dashboard (or can be opened remotely by the property owner). And for added flexibility, Goki locks support access via keycards, wearables, and NFC technology, independent of any battery concerns. Enjoy peace of mind with multiple secure access options.
What about if the guest has no Wi-Fi or data?
Guests without Wi-Fi or data needn't fret! Even with a downloaded Goki app, your mobile key is stored locally, enabling offline room access. Plus, every guest receives a handy DoorCode for phone-free entry. And for ultimate flexibility, Goki works seamlessly with keycards, wearables, and NFC technology, providing data- and battery-independent access options. Goki offers peace of mind and a smooth experience for all your tech-savvy and not-so-tech-savvy guests alike.
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