Make dumb locks smart.

Ditch plastic keycards. Go contactless.

A world first.

Miss out on the contactless party? Fear not. Goki is only company in the world that can open your existing locks wirelessly with a DoorCode & SmartKey. Each guest will automatically be issued with a SmartKey & Doorcode for their stay - saving the guest time and lowering your operational overheads.

Plays well with others.

The SmartDisc can wirelessly connect with any electronic lock in minutes. If you are not ready to upgrade to the SmartLock, this is a good way to enjoy the same benefits without the cost of replacing all of your locks.

DoorCodes (not plastic)

The SmartDisc can be opened via a button in your booking confirmation email (no need to download an app) but also via a back-up DoorCode. We make the 4-Digit code memorable (your DOB or Mobile) and you can even take it to your next stay. This means if your phone runs out, or you lock yourself out — you don’t need to go running to reception.


Goki remove plastic from your operation. Each guest is automatically issued with a unique SmartKey & DoorCode for the length of their stay — removing plastic keycards, expensive encoders and because we run on rechargeable lithium — you can stop throwing away batteries too! This saves properties $20k per 100 rooms, per year. And it’s good for the planet.