See below to understand the specification of our SmartLock. This will help to ensure that it is compatible with your current doors & latch configuration.

SmartLock Parts.

Understand each of the parts that make up the Goki SmartLock - this will help with the installation process & any future lock diagnosis with our 24/7 support team.

Handle Orientation

The SmartLock can easily be adjusted to fit on the left and right hand side of the door - without having to state the orientation in the order process. Simply remove the handle using the Allen key provided.

Front Profile

See what the SmartLock will look like on your doors before you purchase. You may need to purchase additional plates to cover the holes from your previous lock.

Side Profile

Ensure that the SmartLock is installed straight so that unnecessary pressure is not placed on the clutch. All three screws should be used to hold the SmartLock in place firmly on the door.


60mm Backset

Download the template on A4 and it will be to scale.

70mm Backset

Download the template on A4 and it will be to scale.

Latches &

50mm Backset/Tubular

60mm Backset/Tubular

70mm Backset/Tubular

127mm Backset/Tubular

55mm Backset/Mortise

60mm Backset/Mortise