What is Goki? And why is the Goki app not like any other travel app?

Parsa Mazaheri
June 11, 2021
Goki is an all-in-one travel platform. We make travel easier. But exactly what is Goki? Get to know the Goki app here.

Goki Is the world's first hospitality operating system. GokiOS automates check-in, guest engagement, and property management to improve operational efficiencies and make stays better.

What is Goki for Guests?

As a guest, you can check-in prior to arrival, receive your SmartKey for your stay, meet other guests staying at the same time & find out what's on at your booked property. By offering the guest the utility of using their phone as their key & understanding when their room is ready, we make the arrival process easier. Still, the real beauty of Goki is that it makes everything during your stay easier - from extending your stay, making requests, or even meeting other guests - it is all available from your phone.

What is Goki to Guests

What is Goki for Hoteliers?

It doesn't matter if you own a big chain - a notorious hospitality brand or a smaller independent. Goki will change your hotelier experience! A fully automated check-in system, reliable smart lock technology, and improved guest & property management system all in a single platform is a hard offer to turn your back on!

As mentioned, Goki is not only a hardware-oriented smart lock company. We've stepped further and complemented the hospitality solution with our software-backed smart locks. So, if we're to answer the question "What is Goki?" we have many different viewpoints to answer the question with:

Engagement & Activities

Guest engagement is a critical matter. We've seen a great increase in hospitality trends revolving around guest engagement. This is only logical since traveler's experience, and engagement come hand in hand. Imagine you can run a contactless, fully automated property, which is also powered by our special engagement features.

You can speak directly to your customers - pre-arrival, in-house, and after check-in.  You can set up activities, notify the attendees, or send notifications to specific travelers and make sure they are getting the most out of their stay. On average, 86% of our guests will attend at least one activity during their stay - and our data shows this has the biggest impact on the review they leave after they check out.

Property Management Software

Property Management

Goki is fully integrated with some of the world's best PMS. For example, MEWS and Cloudbeds, two frontrunners of property management services, which enable you to streamline your check-in process. Therefore, if you're currently using one of these, you can easily set up Goki for your property to lead your hospitality property to a whole new level!

Goki also features the basics of property management on its own. So, if you're not really into spending big while looking at the bigger picture, we've got you covered still!

Guest Management & Team Management

A profile for everyone! Each traveler has their profile on Goki. Even if they are not signed up on Goki, or they don't have the Goki application. Which rarely happens by itself. According to our data, over ninety percent of travelers install the app! With that being said, with just a few clicks or taps, you can check the logs and take control over your property and your guests.

But that's not all! Goki also gives you the ability to add all your co-workers and your staff to your business account. Not only that, but you can also manage their time shifts, their permissions, and more on the same platform.

Goki on Different Platforms

Check-in & Automations

We at Goki work hard for automation. We strongly believe automation takes a huge load off of our backs which is good! With GokiOS, you can make your property autonomous. Or, as we say it, you "put your property on autopilot!"

We had an interview with Goki CTO once. In our talks, Arash (Goki CTO) mentioned how thrilling it is to run property with autonomous check-ins, and how much of an honor it is to be the frontrunner of said technology! You can get full information on how GokiOS automation works here.

Goki Hardware

Goki offers various smart locks for each property depending on their needs. Our award-winning smart locks have proven to be a guarantee for the security of your property. Also, it's worth mentioning Goki is one of the first smart lock companies to announce bacteria-free door locks.
Our SmartAccess device also fully integrates and co-exists with your current door locks to provide all the autonomous Goki utility for your property regardless.

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Parsa Mazaheri
Marketing/CS Specialist