Top 5 Travel Bloggers You Should Follow

Parsa Mazaheri
August 21, 2021

Travel blogs are interesting stuff! Travel bloggers usually write about their experience and how they felt in their journeys. Even though boring sometimes - adventurous often! - I personally find travel blogs interesting. There might be destinations you can't visit on your own, travel bloggers are here to help you with that! We've gathered a list of the top 5 travel bloggers you should follow this week.

These people are enthusiastic about what they do, and it's their job to educate us on different cultures and different destinations. So, we tried our best to find the best and most sophisticated personalities that pull off the unthinkable in their journeys! Long story short, we tried to credit the best and the most enthusiastic bloggers, not the most famous!

Before we jump into the world of bloggers, we have a unique offer for you! We have also gathered a list of top travel podcasts you can listen to! If you're the type of person that listens more than reads, or if you don't have much time to spend on the internet surfing. This is the way to go for you. Now back to the blog world!

Why Read a Travel Blog

Aside from the fascinating stories one might tell of an adventurous extraordinary travel. Sometimes even the most boring stories teach you a thing or two. You might sometimes ask yourself "what gear do I need to travel to The Great Canyon?" or "How expensive is a café in the heart of Paris?", most travel bloggers career goal is to provide answers for all your potential questions.

Another hidden aspect of reading a travel blog is the culture exchange. The "east meets west" type of travel blogs are my personal favorite. The "cultural exchange" and the learning part of traveling is what makes it a more sophisticated and enlightening activity after all.

With that being said, the fascinating stories are also ~quite fascinating!~ we've actually had a blast reading stories on these bloggers posts and blogs while writing this article. We strongly recommend checking these bloggers out! 

1. Lost With Purpose

The sweetest in content, sourest in profanity; Lost With Purpose by Alex Reynolds is our all time favorite travel blog. The way Alex introduces herself on her blog is probably the best prologue of her content:

"American by birth, British by passport, Filipina by appearance. Addicted to ice cream. Enjoys climbing trees, dislikes falling out. Has great fondness for goats which is usually not reciprocated." - Alex Reynolds

She manifests a fun & active type of traveler. But what we like the most about her is how she educates us about travel and the joy of traveling. She also keeps a very high-key profile, as she is pretty crystal clear about her financials and how she makes all the traveling happen!

Alex usually takes the most affordable trips ~no offense Alex~ and often teaches us how to be sustainable and how to travel affordably!

Alex from Lost with Purpose, a travel blogger

2. The Blonde Abroad

In comparison to the other bloggers, Kiersten of "The Blonde Abroad" AKA, Kiki, has a way more complex and packed blog. Not only does she provide a range of categories for different travelers, she's even plugged in traveling gear shopping lists and even exclusive lifestyle blog posts. Making it not only one of the best travel blogs but more than just a travel blog!

Another thing worth mentioning is how Kiki portrays destinations. It's no secret Kiki is a good photographer. She even has a webpage dedicated to photography, from tips and how-to's to camera reviews and all that! This makes the blog more unique in comparison to the other bloggers who only put in photos to fill in the space. Even I'm guilty!

The aesthetic and the design of the website is also an element worth pointing finger at. Once you pay her website a visit, you simply can't get out!

3. Dan Flying Solo

Not unlike Kiki of The Blonde Abroad, Dan is also a great photographer, and even a better writer. His photography has been featured in National Geographic - just to emphasize how good it is!
Dan is obsessed with exploring the nature and meeting new people and goats as he puts it himself. That's two bloggers out of five being obsessed with goats!

Dan Flying Solo is more than just a blog however. The articles and blog posts are all there, sure. But Dan also does amazing photography and informative videos. So even if you're not a good reader, Dan has got you covered!

Dan Flying Solo, one of the top travel bloggers

4. A Broken Backpack

Probably the most informative and heartwarming travel blog out there, A Broken Backpack is dedicated to the fellow backpackers. Melissa, the Canadian traveler and entrepreneur, is the mastermind behind this blog.

Mel is enthusiastic about the "Digital Nomad" lifestyle, she's dedicated parts of her website to the Digital Nomad lifestyle, the how-to's and the whole concept of working abroad or moving to other countries for freelance work. She's done it herself for years so she would know!

So if you're about that daredevil backpacking camping whatever lifestyle we'd recommend checking Mel's blog out. She's a very interesting person as well as a top tier travel blogger.

Mel from A broken backpack blog

5. Expert Vagabond

A little bit of everything is what comes to my mind when I open up Matt's website. Expert Vagabond is quite literally about everything and anything a Digital Nomad needs to know and learn. From destinations and cool places to visit to blogging basics and tips.

Matt has more than 10 years of experience in traveling, he's traveled to destinations in all continents, and I mean it, all continents. Including the Polar regions!

Matthew also has lots of tips and tricks for all the travelers and travel enthusiasts out there, from tips on how to save money on your trips to photography tricks, so if you're looking for the top travel blogger who also covers all grounds in travel. Matt is your guy!

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