Kickstarting Digital Hotel Marketing Ideas

Parsa Mazaheri
April 23, 2021
Looking to recover from the COVID business aftermath or to boost your business? These simple hotel marketing ideas will help you get through!

Marketing is a big part of progression. It sucks when you're doing your best but you're just a ghost on the internet. These provided digital hotel marketing ideas make visibility happen for your business. Especially after the COVID depression, it's a good idea to start fresh with some simple hotel marketing tips to get you started or to get you back on your feet. Let's do it!

1. Be Active on Social Media

In 2020, activity on social media skyrocketed dramatically. With more than 321 minion new users coming in presumably due to COVID. Approximately 3.8 billion people use social media. This only means you can be heard and/or seen on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. more than ever before.

Anyhow, taking advantage of this spectacular opportunity is what matters. Which is exactly why we encourage you to share all that there is to your business on social media. Make content and thrive to achieve visibility. Social media marketing is however but a contest. And a little creativity goes a long way in this digital exhibition!

Social Media for Hotel Marketing

Social media can be utilized to boost your visibility by a great amount.

2. Guarantee Travelers' Welfare

Whether we like it or not, COVID is still live and kicking. A very large number of people are scared of traveling and for good reasons! However you can add somewhat of a guarantee of traveler safety to your hotel marketing plan. Let them know you care about their welfare and let them know you protect them from the devilish virus within your property.

As a side-note air conditioning/ventilation, sanitizers, lots of alcohol-based disinfectants and face masks are all mandatory for hotels and hostels nowadays. Let your guests know you provide them these basic tools.

3. Show-off Your City Attractions

Think of it this way. Most people look to travel to more unique places. Less-known landmarks sound more exciting than pop hotspots to most people. If you know places that fit the description, why not share it with the fellow guests? Not only that, but also we'd recommend doing a bit of research to find even more places.

Also, let your guests know about potential activities to participate in around your hotel. Is there a clubhouse nearby? Why not point the travelers to it then. Gathering a list of your city's to-dos should definitely be on top of your hotel marketing bucket list!

City attractions for hotel marketing

By increasing travelers’ knowledge of where they’re staying at you’re increasing their options hence you can attract more guests.

4. Improve Your Reservation System

A mobile-responsive website or a user-friendly booking system could boost your visibility drastically. We've seen it happen. It's what we do. As a matter of fact the utility you provide to your guests reflects the quality of your services. Hence your reservation system should probably be taken into consideration if it's already not as satisfying as it should be.

5. Go Contactless

Omit reception. You can confidently promise the absence of long queues and time inefficiencies to your guests once you go contactless. Now everybody loves that. Besides, during COVID going contactless attracts the - more paranoid type of people to your property.

Look up SmartLocks and property management systems - the essentials of going contactless! Also we'd recommend taking cost efficiencies and potential outcomes into consideration before setting your property up to go contactless. Discuss your hotel marketing plan with your staff openly. Good luck!

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Parsa Mazaheri
Marketing/CS Specialist