IoT Applications: Using The Internet of Things in The Hospitality Industry

Parisa Hatami
August 9, 2021
Various IoT applications in the hospitality industry can revitalize your business. It can bring about numerous positive changes and, most importantly, more revenue. As a member of this industry, you need to be equipped with IoT.

Have you heard about IoT and IoT applications? The Internet of Things has found its way to various industries. You need to keep up with the latest technologies to run your business and have a say in the industry. The effect of IoT on the hospitality industry cannot be overlooked. It can bring about numerous positive changes and, most importantly, more revenue. As a member of this industry, you need to be equipped with IoT. Keep reading to see why you need to know various IoT applications for your property.

A Quick Summary of IoT

To put it simply, IoT means creating a network to connect various devices and making them smart. IoT applications include a vast range in different industries. The Internet of Things is recently being applied in domestic devices as well. In fact, there is no boundary in devices or things that can use IoT. It means that any object containing an IP address and can transfer data is considered a ‘thing’ in this network. Smart devices with sensors, processors, and communication hardware can collect data from their environment. To know about a short history of IoT applications, click here.


What Are IoT Applications in Property Management?

One of the best applications of IoT is customizing the services for the guests. Customers enjoy customization since it makes them feel special and noticed. Also, it boosts the guest experience, which is precisely what you’re trying to achieve, isn’t it? Another fascinating benefit of using IoT is reducing operational costs. Considering merely these three advantages, everybody would jump to get acquainted with IoT and use it.

IoT Solutions for Countless Problems

Here’s a list of solutions that IoT can provide for hospitality problems:

·        Detailed knowledge of customer needs;

·        More comprehensive data collection;

·        Facilitated data management;

·        Scheduled maintenance;

·        Smart staff (AI covers the daily routine activities, and staff will have more time to focus on more advanced services);

·        Better customer engagement; and therefore

·        More positive reviews; and as a result

·        More revenue.


Sensors will detect the problems in the property and fix them if possible; if not, they will notify the staff to take care of it. So, the staff won’t need to double-check everything. 

Benefits for The Owners and The Guests

It’s not only the property owners who enjoy the advantages of IoT applications. There are various positive points for the guests as well. Why should it matter for the owner? Well, you would agree that higher customer satisfaction leads to more revenue, right? Then, it’s a win-win situation. Happy customers extend their stay and spend more to get higher satisfaction.

IoT streamlines guest experience. The following list but a few of IoT benefits for the guests:

·        Smart locks;

·        Online booking and check-in (which saves time and is more pleasurable than waiting in long queues);

·        Key card integrations;

·        Customized offers (i.e., the virtual assistant offers nearby resorts, facilities, attractions, restaurants, etc. based on the guests’ preferences);

·        Personalized rooms (changing the setting and temperature as you wish by clicking some buttons);

·        Automated maintenance;

·        A wake-up call from the virtual assistant;

·        Requesting services from the front desk on the app;

·        A virtual assistant that can remember your favorite coffee and food (It can also start making coffee in the morning by detecting movement in the room);

·        Voice-activated curtains, shower, air-conditioner, TV, and other electronic devices;

·        Switching off the electricity as soon as the guest leaves the room to save energy;

·        Integration with PMSs to manage the property and the guests (e.g., Goki is currently integrating with many top PMSs, like Mews and Cloudbeds);

·        Asset tracking;

·        Increased safety and security;

·        Real-time communication with the front desk and other guests, and many more.

IOT in hospitality
IoT technology not only helps with the main activities but also covers many details. It is the details that move the guest experience to a whole new level.


Adopting IoT and Common Technologies

Currently, many properties are going smart and are using various IoT applications to revolutionize their business. One of the most important results of this decision is increased revenue. You should be one of them!

As an example of the properties adopting IoT, we can mention Marriott. Thanks to IoT technology, Marriott provides rooms automated in many ways.

Schneider Electric is a company that provides IoT solutions for properties.


Common Technologies with IoT Solutions

Recently, technology companies have focused on developing IoT in other industries. There are some solutions exclusively provided for the hospitality industry that you can easily adopt. Amazon Alexa, Mount Kelvin, Flic, Nest Thermostats, and Valpas are some of these products that can enhance your performance as a guest property.


In Summary

There’s no doubt that every business owner tries to improve their performance and revenue. IoT with its various applications is the next generation of technology. By adopting IoT in your property, you can deliver much better services. Better services make the guests happy, and happy guests, in turn, will make the property owner happy. Hence, intelligent property managers won’t hesitate to embrace the change and go with the new, promising tide, i.e. using technology and its cutting edge form, ‘The Internet of Things’.

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Parisa Hatami