Hotel PMS: Why You Need It?

Parisa Hatami
July 31, 2021
Tired of managing every single thing at the property yourself? Worried about not getting things done and forgetting some important stuff? Are you falling off the competition? Guests are unhappy and revenue is down? It’s time to revitalize your business. Use a PMS and save your property, staff and yourself.

Tired of managing every single thing at the property yourself? Worried about not getting things done and forgetting some important stuff? Are you falling off the competition? Guests are unhappy and revenue is down? It’s time to revitalize your business. Use a hotel PMS and save your property, staff and yourself.

What Is a PMS?

PMS stands for Property Management System and that’s exactly what you need to keep your hospitality business alive and kicking. To put it shortly, PMS provides you with a set of solutions to manage your daily routines at your property (hotel, hostel, motel, etc.). PMS offers solutions to almost every time-consuming activity that you do at your hotel. From reservation, check-in, and house-keeping, to maintenance, guest management, analytics and reporting.

PMS is the system that facilitates the operations conducted by both managers and staff. It saves a great deal of time, energy and money for you.

A hotel PMS is what you need to manage your property

Why You Need a PMS?

Apart from facilitating the routine activities that every property needs to do, PMS helps you with more advanced procedures. In a nutshell, PMS enables you to manage literally everything. Here’s a list of activities that a PMS enables you to do:

  • Automating daily tasks,
  • Managing your meetings,
  • Optimizing operations,
  • Streamlining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),
  • Saving time,
  • Integrating with third-party technologies,
  • Facilitating check-in and check-out,
  • Handling Point of Sale (POS) transactions,
  • Improving guest experience,
  • Accessing property data online,
  • Providing real-time contact,
  • Managing guest data,
  • Storing data safely,
  • Using less paper,
  • Sending out reminder emails to guests,
  • Managing targeted marketing campaigns,
  • Optimizing decision-making using real-time data, and more.

Highlights of the Benefits

As the above lists suggests, a PMS is the thing you need to manage your property and everything related to it. Before the prevalence of PMSs, many properties would use paper or Excel to manage their front desk operations, like booking, billing, etc. However, the recent environmentally-friendly technologies have revolutionized property management processes.

In addition, using a PMS. your staff will spend less time on administrative tasks. They will dedicate more time to learn better methods to deal with customers, which leads to higher customer satisfaction. They’ll be working smart, with less physical work and more efficiency.

Also, cloud-based PMS software reduces your dependency on on-site servers and shields you against server problems. The ability to generate more real-time direct bookings, and to integrate with a channel manager to increase the rates, are among the positive points that a cloud-based PMS provides.

Furthermore, analyzing the guest feedback also gets a lot easier using a cloud-based PMS. It can encourage your guests to comment on your property performance and leave reviews to increase your online ratings and gain recognition.

Data security is another great result of using cloud-based PMSs. You will have no concerns about the security of the data, since you are no longer using paper or Excel spreadsheets.

How to Choose a PMS That Works for You?

There is not just one kind of PMS in the market. You can choose among a long list of possible PMSs. They show various features and functions. The important point is that you should choose the PMS that meets your specific needs. So, prior to thinking about what PMS to choose, you need to focus on your needs in your property. List your priorities and go for a PMS that can provide them.

As you know, there are some features in a PMS that are integral to your property. However, there are some other features that seem interesting but are not very efficient. So, stick to your list of priorities in choosing a PMS. You’re not sure what you should be looking for? Keep reading.

How to Choose a PMS?

The Most Prominent Features of an Efficient PMS

As mentioned earlier, there are some features that are essential parts of an efficient PMS. What follows is a list of these essential features. An efficient PMS should deliver services related to:

  • Booking/ Reservation,
  • Front Desk,
  • Housekeeping,
  • Billing and Invoicing (It needs to have a tokenizer, multi-currency module, cashier numbers, interim invoice, advance invoice, void/ delete invoice, multiple-language templates, etc.),
  • Maintenance,
  • Reporting and Analytics,
  • Meetings and Events,
  • Cloud-based System,
  • Channel Management, and
  • Revenue Management System.

Maybe the best benefit of using a PMS is increasing revenue. A PMS enables you to track performance and collect data about your property, analyze it, and create reports. Therefore, you will access a comprehensive overview of your performance as a property. This in turn helps you make more precise decisions and lead your business toward gaining more revenue!

A hotel PMS that helps you manage and gain profit

Goki and PMS

Goki as a high-tech hospitality solution streamlines the guest experience. In addition to the smart services that it provides, Goki is currently integrating with top PMSs, including Mews, Cloudbeds, and more. In addition, Airbnb hosts can also use Goki, thanks to our direct integration with Airbnb. These integrations have resulted in providing easy access for travelers and guests to booking, check-in and many other features. For example, the guest logs into the property website and requests a room. Then the property staff member uses the PMS (provided by Cloudbeds, Mews, Airbnb, etc.) to check the availability of rooms and make a reservation for the guest. At the same time, the property system is updated with this new information. In fact, this is the beginning of a process that will facilitate the activities done in a property.

In the near future, Goki will also release its own PMS to provide solutions and help properties and travelers even more. Stay tuned for more information!

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Parisa Hatami