Goki Update Report: September 2021

Parsa Mazaheri
October 1, 2021

In Goki, we have always tried our best to deliver the latest technological advances to our customers in the shape of hardware and software.

If you aren't familiar with our updates system, in Goki, we release new features every other week in the shape of fortnightly Sprints. In these Sprints, we generally set up a goal and try our best to achieve it. 

Last month (September 2021) was no exception. We released some very eye-catching features and updates this month within the two sprints. In this article, we're going through our most anticipated changes and how they can improve your business as a hotelier. Let's have a look!

1. Autopay System

We understand how dabbling with banking systems feels like. It gets overwhelmingly complicated sometimes. Especially when it comes to international transactions, for this reason alone, our developers worked the past month to deliver the highly anticipated feature "Goki Autopay."

With Goki Autopay, you can add your credit card credentials to our automated system once; then, the system automatically pays for all that needs to be paid for. Without the need to even talk to any accountant! Hassle-free. 

The autopay system works in almost every country. Regardless of where on planet earth you are, you can set up your very own futuristic autopay system!

2. Direct Chat System

Goki has always had a notification-based chat feature for the guests to talk directly to the reception. The new Goki Messenger feature enables direct chat between the traveler and the hoteliers!

No more switching to a messenger app to reach the receptionists sounds like an excellent deal to travelers and a perfect communication tool for hoteliers!

We have added this very highly anticipated feature to ensure we've given our users the right tools to improve guest engagement.

3. Offline Spaces

Our good ol' Spaces app has also improved a lot this sprint. Not only have we tweaked the user flow, but we also have added the ability to run your property offline via the Spaces app.

As of October 2021, the Spaces app can also be used without an internet connection. All the PINs generated via the Spaces app are saved within the device. Once the connection is stable, the PINs will automatically start working for the end-user as well! 

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Parsa Mazaheri
Marketing/CS Specialist