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Parsa Mazaheri
July 2, 2021
The Goki support team is built around the idea of answering any question regarding the "Smart Hospitality" system anytime. Here's how it works

Within the past few months, we at Goki have been working on various support-related features. We entirely redesigned Goki Support to answer all your questions in a blink of an eye! From your personal servant - Gokibot, to numerous guide articles; All the tools come hand in hand to navigate you through! Here, we will further explain how the Goki Support system has changed and how to use it properly.

Goki Support Team

The Goki Support team is there for you 24/7 to answer all your questions! Anyhow, in addition to the support team, we've also created a bot to answer your potential questions and keep you busy while we're handling your issue. All the support services are free of charge for all. It's also worth mentioning we do not support phone calls, so, no more waiting in a line for a specialist to get on the line!

You can access the live chat anytime, pressing the blue button at the bottom right of your screen gets you there! You can directly search for your answers or start a live chat with one of our specialists right away.
The live-chat experience is partly the same, as most of our live-chat guidelines and procedures haven't gone through changes. However, the guide articles have been rewritten entirely. We'll get there!

Goki Support

Guide Articles

You can find all the guide articles here. Just like the looks - which is pretty sleek! - the content has also entirely reworked. Most of our current users know we used to have more than 200 support articles for almost anything hospitality-related! We've shrunk down the list to less than 60 articles. Therefore, your answers are much more accessible and easier to find.

The articles often get shuffled, the ones we know you read more - thanks to your feedback! - are usually the ones getting updated sooner, and the ones our users find less informative are immediately rewritten and republished. Your feedback is everything to us.

Release Notes

Categorized by month and year, release notes are also accessible via the release notes webpage. We usually update the release notes twice a month, announcing the newest features and bug fixes, and additionally a humble report of what's coming next at the end of each release note. It's important for us to know what our customers think of our system and our features, so you can definitely send us your feedback on the upcoming features. We are good listeners!


Customer suggestions are always welcome here at Goki. Historically, our top features have originally come from our customers' suggestions. You can either have a chat with the support team or email us your suggestions via suggestions@goki.travel, we will read all the suggestion emails, and we will forward them to our public features board. Then the developer teams will approve the suggestions if the implementation is possible. And on the next stage, you will see the features go live on your own devices!

Bug Reports

Another service of the Goki Support team worth mentioning is bug reporting. Here at Goki, we're always trying our best to deliver a flawless system with a minimal amount of bugs. However, if a devilish bug has slipped and you've found it, you can always open up the live chat and let us know about it. The support team will immediately pass the bug to the developers once the bug is confirmed, and ultimately the dev team will fix the issue by the next Sprint.

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Parsa Mazaheri
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