Best Travel Podcasts 2021

Parsa Mazaheri
April 14, 2021
Need to know the trends and about the newest most fascinating technologies of the travel industry? Here's a list of best travel podcasts.

Podcasts are simply amazing. Saving lots of time just by multi-tasking. Learning - while doing your daily chores is truly an amazing concept. Travel podcasts usually feature news and information about latest trends, technology and even tiny little details on how to run your own hospitality property. We've gathered a list of a few best travel podcasts we love to listen to while we're driving to work!

Just a friendly recommendation: Just in case you're the type of person that reads more than listens, we have also gathered a list of top travel bloggers you can follow! These personalities offer exclusive content based on your taste for your future trips! Take a look if you wish! Now back to the audio world...

1. Zero to Travel by Jason Moore

This podcast is especially viable to the laid-back travelers. Jason Moore - with over 15 years of experience in traveling and "event managing" as he himself words. Talks passionately about almost every aspect of traveling and it's beauties on his podcast. From his adventures with various fascinating people around the world to basic tips on how to travel more efficiently. He also interviews adventurers on their epic unique stories from all over the world. He's been active on different platforms since 2019 and he's still kicking it.

This podcast usually releases each episode weekly. However there are other variety posts which go through travel budgeting, tips and there are some episodes about travel industry job opportunities. Cherry on top!

Jump With Traveling Jackie. One of the best travel podcasts to listen to.

2. Jump With Traveling Jackie

Previously known as "JUMP". The podcast is all about traveling efficiently. Traveling Jackie - the mastermind behind the show - herself has traveled the whole world as she puts. The name of the podcast is also inspired by her photos, jumping in front of notorious landmarks around the globe.

Traveling Jackie does tips for cheap traveling. She also goes through best places to travel to. But - most importantly Jackie does Q&A sessions every now and then on her show which really is what makes JUMP the amazing show that it is. Jackie Nourse's JUMP is also the best travel podcast if you're looking to get inspired by her knowledge of amazing hidden gems you can travel to, any day of the week.

3. You Should Have Been There

Former BBC producer Mick Webb and Simon Calder of the Independent decided one day, they would carry their pub chats to the online world and let all listen to it! The modest - honest podcast targets the geeky fun portion of travel podcast listeners. Mick and Simon usually voice their opinions on different aspects of the travel industry on the show. From daily banters to heated discussions about traveling.

This podcast is especially amazing if you're looking to relax and listen to a couple of lads talking about your favorite activity. Heck, you could potentially learn a couple of things from these dudes. Give it a try!

4. Alpaca My Bags

If you're looking for the best travel podcast you might as well peek into different categories of travel podcasts. Alpaca My Bags by Erin Hynes usually goes through unique controversial topics. This show promotes ethical and environmental responsibilities of a tourist during their travels. Erin often points it out. And it's a beautiful thing.

Erin Elizabeth Hynes also features guests and interviews a variety of people on the show. During the first days of the pandemic, Erin aired a series of episodes on traveling during COVID. In which she interviewed a nurse who cared for the very first COVID patient in the US. The series helped the show grow into what it is today in a short period of time.

5. Amateur Traveler

Remember when we praised Traveling Jackie for her knowledge of less-known places to travel to? Well Chris Christensen - the creator of Amateur Traveler is the specialist. Not only does Chris pinpoint the amazing less-known landmarks, he also goes through hows and whys as well.

This podcast is one of the oldest, best travel podcasts out there. The show has been running since 2005. Amateur Traveler has - by far - gone through almost 800 different landmarks. Amateur Traveler also explains how to travel to these places. And why you need to visit the featured destinations.

Chris Christensen also often talks to random people who happen to live in the featured region. He often interviews certain travelers to discuss what to do, what to see and what to eat once settled in at the landmarks. The more you know!

Travel with Rick Steves, One of the best travel podcasts

6. Travel With Rick Steves

Rick Steves is an American writer and guidebook author. He features a guest on each episode of his show and - again goes through a list of less appreciated destinations one can visit. However on Rick's show in contrast to the other podcasts, cultural aspects of a landmark is usually the main topic.

Rick Steves often conversates about true culture of places one can visit, he also mentions a variety of activities you could participate in at each destination he also redirects more curious people to his own website where more content on each specific destination could be found.

7. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

"Welcome to Beach too Sandy, Water too Wet - a podcast featuring real reviews written by people who just need the world to know what they think."

Alex and Christine Schiefer

Without any doubt the most hilarious travel podcast out there. Alex and Christine Schiefer go through dramatic one-star reviews of random locations around the world. If you ever wondered why the Colosseum is rated 4.7/5 on Google. You can finally find out why!

The awesome podcast airs weekly covering a variety of themes, from graveyards to amusement parks. If you're looking for goofs and laughs, this podcast is what you're looking for. And don't forget to give it a dislike.

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