8 Best Travel Gadgets In 2021

Parsa Mazaheri
May 21, 2021
Some gadgets are naturally too cool to be true! We've gathered a list of best travel gadgets that are too cool to exist! Find out more.

It's really amazing how simple ideas and a few tricks & tweaks make brilliant life-changing gadgets come to life. Some of these gadgets actually change your experience and twist your fantasies! Long story short gadgets are very cool things in nature and so we've gathered a list of the best travel gadgets you can use for any trips in 2021. Let's jump right into it!

1. SmartPhone Sanitizer

One of the coolest gadgets I keep seeing on the internet is a Smartphone sanitizer, this amazing little thing, with the size of one's hand and a weight of around 600 grams uses UV light to sanitize your Smartphone. According to PhoneSoap, a cell phone has 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom! Yuck!

Do these actually work? In short, yes. However, the word sanitizer is somewhat misleading. While Smartphone Sanitizers do actually clean your smartphone, the correct term for what the cool travel gadget does is "disinfection". To put it simply, they kill the microorganisms instead of removing them off of the phone's surface. Not a big difference though!

Are these actually worth it? Yes! While Smartphone sanitizers might be expensive, it's a good deal. Guarantees your safety. What's more important?

2. USB Rechargeable Batteries

I think it's safe to say we all hated to tinker around those pesky battery charger devices. Ugh! While these batteries are actually just as powerful and as reliable as traditional batteries, they're also eco-friendly and more efficient than disposable batteries in a long run.

These batteries come in all shapes, so no worries if your devices use AAA or AA batteries! They've got you covered.

Noise-canceling Earbuds, One of the best travel gadgets

3. Noise-canceling Earbuds

There's a world of noise-cancellation technology out there. From apps that simulate a noise-free experience to earplugs that seal your ears! Either way, all these gadgets are trying to bring you peace of mind and relaxation.

So I did a little research on these gadgets, just to see if they actually work and how they work, most of these noise-canceling devices use ANC (active noise control) technology. Basically, a microphone catches the ambient sounds and a speaker produces sounds that are out of phase with the unwanted noises.

So, is ANC safe? Yes. Historically, ANC technology was invented for pilots to prevent hearing loss. And in the long-term, the technology proved to be beneficial.

Water purifier, a travel gadget

4. Water Purifiers

One of the best travel gadgets out there, water purifiers could potentially save your life, especially if you're a hardcore camper!

Water purifiers come in different forms, we've seen purification straws, purification bottles, and more! These purifiers are easy to use and easy to carry. Most of the purifiers let you sip unfiltered dirty water straight off lakes, ponds, and any other source of fresh water. Additionally, if you're unsure of your water's safety you can use the purifiers. Can't be too sure!

5. Microfiber Towels

Bringing your own towel with you during your trips is always a good idea! Even if you're staying at a hotel where fresh linen towels are offered to you regardless.

Microfiber Towels dry fast and absorb more moisture than normal towels. Whether you're looking to use them as shelters in a rainforest or you're looking to become more of a responsible traveler by saying no to hotel towels, microfiber towels are one of the best travel gadgets you need to have.

Best Travel Gadgets

6. Tile Mate Tracker

Well if you're as clumsy as I am and if you're tired of losing your stuff, Tile Mate Tracker comes to your aid! Never miss your valuables ever again.

This simple yet awesome travel gadget is attached to luggage or your keychain. Once it is attached you can track the location of your luggage for a range of up to 120 meters!

7. Portable Lock

If you're worried about your safety, even if you're a bit paranoid, it's okay! We've all been there. Portable locks are gadgets that come in handy when you're unsure about the security and the safety of your accommodation.

These simple gadgets are attached to any type of door, there's a variety of portable locks on the market but most of them coexist with the door locks and reinforce the door.

Portable lock, a travel gadget
Addalock, Photo by Amazon.com

8. Solar Power Bank

Power banks are so widely used and globally known it's no longer even mentioned. It's like telling people to drink water. Everyone already knows they have to own one!

Anyhow, Solar Power Banks are power banks but with a twist! These power banks are powered by both direct electricity and by solar panels. So, the next time you're going hiking just attach one of these to your backpack and charge your phone later!

Solar power banks are sustainable and eco-friendly. You can cut down your electricity usage using solar power banks instead of directly charging your phone every time you're on a break!

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