Best Travel Apps 2021: Make Your Phone a Swiss Army Knife!

Parsa Mazaheri
July 9, 2021
Your smartphone is a handy tool in your travels in so many ways you can't even think of! Take a look at the best travel apps in 2021.

What if we told you, you can get so much out of your smartphone on your trips that your journeys are always unique and fresh? Traveling is undoubtedly a fun activity in nature, but sometimes, things can get a bit unsettling! We get it. These apps are here precisely for that. To make travels fun and unique. Looking at the trends and the statistics, we've gathered a list of the best travel apps to help you improve your travel experience. Here goes!

Hold up! Just a clarification before the list: We understand there are thousands of amazing travel apps out there. The ones we handpicked are especially convenient in post-COVID traveling in 2021, considering the trends and the state of the travel industry.

1. Hopper: Find Cheap Flights & Accommodations

Globally used, the well-known frontrunner of cheap-flight-finding apps, Hopper is always worth mentioning when it comes to travel apps. You pick a destination, pick a time, and let Hopper do its magic!

The company itself is very amusing & attractive! You can tell simply by taking a stroll down their official website. Another thing worth mentioning about this Hopper - the lovely bunny app - is its flexibility in features. Hopper enables you to book a flight, book a hotel, pay for flight insurance, do all the boring stuff - in a less boring way - and you're all set to pack!

Hopper also offers a helping hand in freezing the flight prices, which is especially pleasant for the younger travelers. "Freezing" flight prices, refundable ticket plans, and rebooking services are features that make Hopper what it is, one of the best travel apps for finding affordable accommodations. Hear me out, millennials!

Hopper, one of the best travel apps

2. Skyscanner: Surprise Yourself With Prices

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" Asked Alice. "It depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cheshire cat. "I don't much care where." cried Alice, "Then it doesn't much matter which way you go," said the Cheshire cat.

Brilliant book, Alice in Wonderland. But that aside, Skyscanner the app/website finds you cheap, and I mean cheap, flights and accommodations, even if you don't know where you want to go!

The unique feature of Skyscanner that makes it one of the best travel apps is - you can set your destination to "everywhere" and find the cheapest Flight - Hotel combo, no matter the destination! Try it out. It's amazing!

Additionally, various "utility" features are also available on Skyscanner, just like that of Hopper. You can sort the flights by Best, Cheapest, and Most Expensive. Also, Skyscanner supports an alerting system to buzz your phone when your favorite flight is found cheaper somewhere!

SkyScanner Company Logo

3. Waze: for Not Getting Lost

Whether you're revisiting your hometown or you're in an alien city, getting lost sucks. It's either frustrating or humiliating or both. Waze, however, not only prevents that, but it also lets you know of traffic lights, police locations, accident locations, speed limits, and all the good stuff. Making it the ultimate navigator app!

What Waze does is that - just like Wikipedia, for example - it's powered by users. So, if there's an accident on the road, a good samaritan comes along and reports it to other "Wazers," and then other users can dodge the accident traffic. Cool huh.

4. Randonautica: for Getting Lost

Have you ever been bored while on a trip? Yeah, we get it. Sometimes you grow tired of everything and want a new daredevil activity. Well, here's our chef's special to you. Randonautica, the app that finds you whatever-you-desire places anywhere you are!

The idea behind the Randonautica app is simple and somewhat confusing. You sit down, stare at your phone, think of an idea, a feeling, or an emotion, and then Randonautica finds you a place with the right attributes! Don't believe it? Fine, but it works!

So, if you're bored out of your mind while traveling, don't worry! Get the app on your phone and start wandering around. Don't forget to take pictures and videos while you're randonauting!

5. PackPoint: Don't Forget to Bring a Towel

It's okay to forget your stuff while you're packing. Happens to the best of us. What's not okay is forgetting your stuff when you have PackPoint on your phone!

The smart packing list app, PackPoint, will organize what you will need for luggage based on the weather of your destination, length of travel, and your planned activities during the trip. Additionally, you can customize the packing list, add/remove stuff, get inspired by other people's lists, or even share your own packing list with other travelers!

It's worth mentioning, PackPoint is also integrated with Evernote and TripIt apps. Offering features like seeing your packing list on different devices using Evernote and auto-creating packing lists via TripIt.

6. Goki: Unlock the World

If you're sick of getting different applications for different functionalities, Goki is here for you. The all-in-one application lets you meet other travelers, book accommodations, "contactlessly" check in, extend your stay, and even open your door all in one platform!

Some of the best hotels and hostels worldwide are partnered with Goki. You can open the app and book a room right away and enjoy the ultimate smart traveling experience.

7. Airbnb: Travel Anywhere

I hear the word Airbnb more than I hear my own name every day! The notorious game-changer Airbnb has redefined hospitality, to say the least. Airbnb is one of the best travel apps everyone should have on their phones by now.

Flexibility is the word that comes to my mind when Airbnb is the subject of a conversation! You can choose between various categories, dates, destinations, and really anything that comes to mind can be found on Airbnb universe! Want to live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere for 2 and a half days? Sure, Airbnb has got it!

Additionally, Airbnb itself offers you a world to explore. You can partake in online activities, offline activities, or even become a host! As said previously, Airbnb is a re-definer!

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