Best Smart Locks in 2021

Parsa Mazaheri
May 27, 2021
Whether you're looking to set up a smart property or make your home securer, these locks - the best smart locks in 2021 are what you need!

So here's the deal! You'll have more security, way more utility, and countless cool features for the cost of a few hundred dollars? A good deal, isn't it? Imagine opening your door to your guests from far away or granting access to various people with a few taps on your phone. Either way, dreaming aside, these are all attainable features offered by the best smart locks of 2021. So let's jump right into this keyless journey!

How Did We Choose?

So the first question you'll need to ask yourself is, "What am I looking for in a Smart Lock?" Of course, if you're the type of person who forgets their things all the time (just like myself!), you're just looking for any smart lock that doesn't need a key to open. Well, either way, we've got you covered. Because we're going through different types of smart locks, each one with different pros and cons, to guide you through what smart lock is the best for you!

Well, to begin with, most of the smart locks already offer an extra layer of security. But, really, the contest is within the features and utilities nowadays. So, if you don't care for the utility, the best smart locks for you aren't the most expensive ones! Hence, if you've already made your decision on what door lock is actually suitable for you, we can jump right into the list!

August Smart Lock
August Smart Lock. Photo By

1. August Wi-fi Smart Lock

Although pricey, it's safe to say August Wi-fi Smart Lock is the global top-rated smart lock in 2021 (at least!). The well-known smart lock company, August, pushed improvements onto their most popular product in 2020. That ultimately led to the creation of their latest generation door locks, the August Smart Lock Pro.
Later on, the product had been reviewed and tested by many notorious tech magazines such as CNET, PCmag, and more. Topping the charts as the best smart lock alongside its partner, the August Wi-fi Smart Lock (without the pro!)

August Wi-fi Smart Lock is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. It is also supported by August's own application, which offers countless features of its own. August Smart Lock also supports Bluetooth connection, voice activation, and other add-ons and devices August offers. Unfortunately, this is also a downside from another perspective as more "basic" things other smart locks offer for free within their package are labeled "add-ons" in August Wi-fi Smart Lock's world! Example: The August keypad is an addon you'll need to order from the August website additionally.


1. Integrated with Google, Homekit, IFTTT, Alexa, and more.
2. Easy to install.
3. Elegant design.
4. Automatic Lock and Unlock.
5. Customized with August Add-ons and August Application.


1. Expensive.
2. Short Battery Life. (Reviewed by
3. The touchpad comes as an add-on only.

Goki Smart Lock
Goki Smart Lock V2

2. Goki Smart Lock

Originally intended for hospitality properties, the award-winning Goki Smart Lock will be second on the list. The software-backed Smart Lock offers countless (literally) features for hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs. Integrated well with Cloudbeds, MEWS, and many other property management systems (PMS), the software behind the Goki Smart Lock is the all-in-one guest management and property management tool you'll ever need. Thus, making Goki Smart Lock the best smart lock choice for hospitality properties.

Goki is the first to utilize Lithium batteries in their smart lock's design. Lithium batteries can last for up to plus 50,000 consecutive door opens! Goki Smart Lock is also available as "Goki Smart Access," which is basically a smart lock device that co-exists with your existing lock if you've already got one.

Goki smart lock is also injected with an antimicrobial additive that makes it COVID-Safe. Giving a new meaning to the word "contactless," Goki smart locks are built to work with any door, from front gates to remote-controlled garage doors. In addition, Goki has got different smart lock technologies to be compatible with any doors.


1. Integrated with Property Management Systems.
2. Multi-platform support.
3. Durable, germ-free design.
4. Built for every door.
5. PIN, E-key, Keycard, and Auto-Lock/Unlock support.


1. Relatively harder to set up.
2. No Smart Home service support. (Yet)

Wyze Smart Lock

3. Wyze Smart Lock

Surprisingly enough, the affordable, minimalistic smart lock doesn't integrate with the other products of Wyze company. In fact, Wyze Smart Lock does not integrate with any other third-party devices. However, Wyze smart lock is still one of the cheapest smart locks out there that surprisingly covers many features, not unlike its competitors.

Just like August Smart Lock, Wyze also sells the keypad separately as an add-on to the original product. Wyze also uses voice activation and is just as easy as August Smart Lock in the initial setup. However, in comparison to August, Wyze offers less utility as it lacks third-party compatibility.


1. Affordable. (100$ Cheaper than the average smart lock.)
2. Compact minimalistic design.
3. Compatible with various door types.
4. Auto-Lock/Unlock.


1. Inconsistent Location Tracking.
2. It doesn't co-exist well with third-party devices.
3. Minimal home service support.

Nest x Yale Smart Lock

4. Nest X Yale Smart Lock

Nest Home is an industry-leading Smart Home service, connecting a vast range of devices and features. So Yale decided they could integrate their locks with Nest Home's software to cook up a mixture of security, utility, and convenience. The smart lock itself is honestly not unlike any other smart locks out there, but the software support is what makes it special! Especially for Nest Home users.


1. Nest Home Software Support.
2. Charming Design.
3. Easy to Install.
4. Reliable Durable Hardware.


1. Expensive.
2. Very Limited Third-party Compatibility.

Schlage Smart Lock

5. Schlage Smart Lock

Finally, the unique Schlage Smart Lock is a reliant well-integrated Smart Lock, one of the key strengths of Schlage Smart Locks is the variety of Smart Home services you can select from if you've already got the hardware! Except for Homekit, surprisingly, Schlage is integrated with almost all the other well-known services out there, including Ring and Amazon Key.

Another cool feature worth mentioning rests on the Schlage website. Since there are various Schlage smart locks you could choose from, the company has made a program called "Smart Lock Selector" on their website that guides you through finding the best Schlage Smart Lock for your home. Cool!


1. Works with Alexa, Amazon Key, and Google Assistant.
2. Ring Integration.
3. On-point Scheduling Features.
4. Sleek Looks & Easy Installation.


1. Doesn't Support IFTTT and Homekit.
2. Lacks Location-based & Geofencing Services.

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