Accommodation Type: Hotel, Hostel, or Airbnb? That’s the Question!

Parisa Hatami
July 25, 2021
Choosing the right type of accommodation that suits your budget, personality and preferences is not always easy. If you wonder what the correct choice among hotels, hostels and Airbnbs is, keep reading The present article is going to make the selection process a lot easier for you.

Are you one of those people who wonder where to stay during the trip? Have you ever wondered what the differences among various types of accommodation are? Has it been difficult for you to decide which type is suitable for you? Hotels, hostels, or Airbnbs? Choosing the right accommodation that suits your budget, personality and preferences is not always easy. The present article is going to make the selection process a lot easier for you. Follow me to see which one to choose!

The Type of Your Trip Matters

You cannot expect to stay in the same type of accommodation for every trip. Whether you’re on a business trip, a family trip, or a backpacking trip, you need a different place to stay. So make up your mind based on the journey you will embark on. It is wise to ask yourself some questions before each trip.

  1. How much luxury matters to you? Gym, spa, free facilities, room service….
  2. Do you consider a fancy trip as a traveler or you’d rather feel the local life and culture?
  3. What is your priority, comfort or money?
  4. Are you taking expensive stuff with you? How safe should your belongings be?
  5. Are you going away for business or pleasure?
  6. Will you travel alone or you have company?

Asking yourself each of these questions can lead you toward choosing the best type of accommodation for that trip. Remember that it is better to choose accommodation type based on the type of trip you’re taking.

Hotels, Hostels, or Airbnbs

Hotels, Hostels, Airbnbs: Similarities and Differences

General Characteristics


Hotels are among the oldest accommodation types available for travelers. Hotels have various types based on the level of services they provide. Inns, motels, and bed and breakfasts can somehow be categorized in the same category as hotels. There are usually some servers in hotels that can help you with your luggage. They can also clean your room, bring clean towels, and guide you in case of trouble. There are usually some sorts of restaurants, cafés, or bars. You may also find some gift shops at the hotel. Sometimes there are free facilities, such as free meals – usually breakfast –, gym, pool, and spa.

Some bigger hotels also contain conference rooms and some office rooms for you to use office machines, like printers and fax machines, etc. Hotels are usually very safe because of the safety measures taken seriously by managers and owners.

Clearly, you cannot expect these things in motels, inns, or bed and breakfasts. Since these accommodation types are smaller and mostly cheaper than hotels, they provide simpler services. The services you can receive in motels, inns, and bed and breakfasts are usually some of the following:

  • A couple of staff members;
  • Simpler breakfasts;
  • Some events, like gatherings;
  • Common rooms to engage in activities with other guests;
  • Small, cozy rooms without room service.

If you are looking for comfort and various services, then hotel is a good choice for you. If you travel solo or with one companion and look for a cozy place to mingle with some other travelers, then motels, inns, or bed and breakfasts can be your thing.

Accommodation types: hotels, hostels, airbnbs


As the name suggests, hostel is something like hotel but with less facilities. Hostels are great options for people who want to spend most of their time outdoors. Hostel can be a good accommodation type for backpackers and nature lovers. Hostels are known to be freer places and are great for communication, making friends and sharing rooms with strangers. Hostels are less private types of accommodation, so if you need more privacy you can get a private room. But make sure to check it beforehand because this is not an option in all hostels.

Here’s a list of some of the characteristics of hostels:

  • There are fewer staff members;
  • Rooms are usually shared among some people;
  • There’s a common area for guests to have interaction;
  • They’re a lot cheaper than hotels;
  • Safety is not granted always since you have roommates;
  • There are lockers for your personal belongings.

If you do not carry expensive possessions and you just need a place to spend the night, then hostels are great for you.

Staying at Airbnb


Another accommodation type, which may be less known to public, is Airbnbs. This type of accommodation is like a revolution in lodging, since every home can be a potential place to stay. Of course you cannot stay at every home. What I mean is that there are a lot of houses and apartments listed as rentals on Airbnb website. You can search for your ideal accommodation type, considering size, price, location, and so on. The good thing is that you will have the place for yourself during your stay because the renter will not be there with you.

  • Unlike hostels, you’ll have full privacy in Airbnbs;
  • Prices on Arirbnbs are somehow between that of a hotel and hostel;
  • There is no service of any kind, you feel like living at your own apartment;
  • You need to provide the food, do the laundry, and so forth;
  • In addition to you, the renter also has the key to the property.

Choosing the Right Place Based on Your Budget

If you’re travelling on budget, then there are various factors you need to pay attention to. There are numerous ways to cut down on expenses. Some of the points to be considered are:

  • Means of transportation,
  • Type of food you will have,
  • Sights you’d like to see,
  • Destination,
  • Souvenirs you will buy,
  • Accommodation type.

Based on the type of your trip you can choose to travel by plane, train, ship, car, bicycle, etc. It’s needless to say that restaurants will cost more than food stands and pizzerias. So decide based on your budget and preferences. Some people would love to taste the best food and others prefer to go with the most affordable, it’s your call. Before packing for your trip, go online and check the ticket prices of the sights you would like to visit. This way you won’t be surprised and can choose which places to visit easily. If you don’t have to travel to a specific destination, you can choose less expensive travel destinations. You don’t have to buy souvenirs, but if you do it’d be better to avoid malls and go for outlets and local markets.

One of the most important ways of decreasing expenses on a trip is choosing the right type of accommodation. From luxurious chateaus to cozy cottages, there is a broad range to choose from. It may seem easy-peasy at first but moneywise there are things to consider. Let’s see how our three main options perform, financially speaking.

  • Due to the services that hotels usually offer, they can be more expensive than other accommodation types.
  • Hostels are more suitable for budget trips. They offer fewer services and are less private.
  • Airbnbs can offer both comfort and affordability. They are private places with less facilities.
Choose a property that suits your personality

Choose A Place That Suits Your Personality!

Considering all the advantages and disadvantage that each accommodation type has, you can choose the one that suits your purpose of trip. Also, you can choose the property according to your personality, whether you’d like to stay in a private place or you’d rather share a room with others. Psychologically speaking, you need to choose a place that helps you make the most of your trip. Deciding on the level of safety and privacy is upon you.

Is Privacy Your Concern, Too?

One of the key concerns of most travelers is safety in the type of accommodation they have chosen. Wherever you’d like to stay in, Goki is there before you to facilitate everything for you. Prior to your check-in, during stay, and even after check-out.

Goki has been providing safety in all accommodation types from hotels to hostels and also Airbnbs. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology used in Goki smart locks, your safety is granted. You can leave your belongings in your room having no worries.

In addition to guarantying safety, Goki helps you with different applications. Goki Travel, Goki Spaces, and Hostel Kiosk. As a traveler, you can use Goki travel and Hostel Kiosk applications.

Goki Travel Application

Let’s see how this application can jazz up your travel experience. Goki travel app

  • gives you access to your room, i.e. gives you your smart key;
  • makes it possible for you to communicate with other guests;
  • provides the possibility to chat with the property staff;
  • offers a great list of activities possible in the city/ region you are in;
  • shows a list of sights worth seeing in the area you are in.


Hostel Kiosk Application

This is another one of Goki applications that can come in handy in your trips. Hostel Kiosk is a check-in app, which you can use prior your arrival at the property. You will fill in the needed information on the check-in app to be able to check into your room and use your smart lock. That’s why we say Goki can facilitate your travel experience, including both safety and fun.

So, how about you? Have you been to any of these accommodation types? How has been your experience? Share it here with us in the comment section below.

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Parisa Hatami