3 New Features in Goki You Will Love!

Jack Bowcott
October 12, 2021

3 New Features You'll Love

All the features we build at Goki are designed to make stays better. 

Not just for the guest but the staff that are working at the property. That's why we build features based on your feedback. This month, we are releasing three of our most requested features in one go! Together, they improve the guest experience, add more contactless capabilities &  remove friction for guests accessing their room. Enjoy! 

4 Digit PINs are here!

Shorter PIN. 

Goki is the only company that fully automates check-in & access. That's because we offer an option for guests who don't want to use their phone as their key - a PIN. This month, we have rolled out 4-DIGIT PINs, which work when you use GokiAir to put your locks online. 

You can customize how guests receive their PIN in G-Board. For example, if you have the guest's mobile number, we will use the last 4-Digits - or if you have the DOB, we can use that instead. 

We also match your PIN to your booking profile - meaning you can use that PIN at your next stay too! Shortening the PIN is designed to make it easier for guests to remember, which can be helpful as a backup if you leave your phone in your room or if your phone runs out of battery.

GokiAir also means that these PINs work to access common areas - for example, the property's front door, garage or gym. 

To put your SmartDevices online, buy a GokiAir Gateway - please get in touch with sales for more details

Handle payments easily with QR codes

QR-Code Payments.

The pandemic changed everything. We changed too. You can already use Goki to get a guest from booking to opening their room with no human contact. But what about during their stay? How do you ensure you are meeting regulatory changes & supporting social distancing at your property? Step up QR-code payments!

Contactless payment is fantastic for F&B or selling experiences to guests. Guests can scan a QR code to pay for anything during their stay. Add the convenience of ordering from the table or use QR codes as a marketing tool to direct traffic to your ancillary revenue streams. 

Frictionless Access with Goki Web App

Goki Web-App

Over the last six months, we've been hard at work creating a more frictionless way to give guests access to their room. Announcing Web Apps! 

Web Apps allow guests to access their room without the need to download an app. Guests will receive a link to check-in & access their room in their booking confirmation email. 

Exciting huh? We are in the process of releasing the first version - want to try it out? Get in touch to be one of our Beta properties. 

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Jack Bowcott