Bye-Bye Reception 👋

Your Guests do that now. With Goki, guests check-in online prior to arrival. Or they scan a QR code on arrival & check-in on their own device. Eliminating repetitive tasks for your staff & saving guests time on arrival.


Digitalise your arrival process. Let guests check-in prior to arrival as if they have booked a flight. We include a small snippet of code in your booking confirmation email that directs guests to Goki's online check-in environment. Guests can simply enter their details & their SmartKey will be issued on the day of their booking when the balance is clear and the room is marked as clean.



Guests can also check-in at the venue by scanning a QR code. Letting guests check-in using their own devices prevents bottlenecks when large groups arrive at your property. After check-in, we call the PMS and ensure that your operational parameters are met before issuing Smartkeys & DoorCodes.


Our native application lets properties build a more professional check-in experience for guests. Collect guests details & update your PMS, verify the guests ID and understand if there is a balance owing on their reservation.