Travel More Responsibly: How to Be More Eco-friendly As a Traveler

We can reduce the negative impacts of travel on nature as travelers. Learn how to travel more responsibly and what eco-friendly travel is.
Parsa Mazaheri
May 3, 2021

Travel After COVID: What Will Travel Look Like In a Post-Pandemic World?

What will travel after COVID look like? Would the aftermaths of a post-pandemic world make traveling impossible? Read more to find out!
Parsa Mazaheri
May 14, 2021

Top 5 Travel Bloggers You Should Follow

Parsa Mazaheri
August 21, 2021

Smart Lock Maintenance: A Troubleshooting Guide

A failed smart lock can be a nightmare for your guests. This smart lock maintenance guide will show you how to fix the most common problems.
Jack Bowcott
January 28, 2021

Are Smart Locks Secure? More Than You Might Think

Let’s get a grip and take a close look at smart locks' safety - where they came from, how they’ve evolved, and how secure they really are.
Jack Bowcott
December 9, 2020

Reopening Hotels: Do you have a recovery plan?

Have you planned for your return to the travel industry as a hotelier? Plan to survive as more reopening hotels are entering the competition.
Parsa Mazaheri
June 25, 2021

Kickstarting Digital Hotel Marketing Ideas

Looking to recover from the COVID business aftermath or to boost your business? These simple hotel marketing ideas will help you get through!
Parsa Mazaheri
April 23, 2021

Is Airbnb a Threat to the Hotel Industry?

Parsa Mazaheri
August 28, 2021

IoT Applications: Using The Internet of Things in The Hospitality Industry

Various IoT applications in the hospitality industry can revitalize your business. It can bring about numerous positive changes and, most importantly, more revenue. As a member of this industry, you need to be equipped with IoT.
Parisa Hatami
August 9, 2021